Global Innovation

Global Polymer Innovation EXPO (GPIE)

Strategic Opportunities… Accelerated Results!

The Global Polymer Innovation EXPO (GPIE) is about getting business done.

RAPRA presents GPIE: its inaugural international conference and trade exhibit. Regional partner, PolymerOhio, and the Ohio Polymer Strategy Council  join RAPRA in 2012 in making GPIE a seminal event that creates growth and jobs.

Practical tools to stay competitive today and become the market leader.

Be challenged by thought-provoking key note speakers. Get motivated by real world opportunities, actions and outcomes.  Depart GPIE with realistic approaches and applications, and the contacts to make them happen.

GPIE 2012 will focus on six key growth areas:

• Conductive & Electronic Polymers
• Polymer Nanocomposites
• High Performance Polymers
• Bio-based Polymers & Feedstocks
• Degradable & Recyclable Polymers
• Direct Digital (Additive) Manufacturing

Click the link below for more information on these key growth areas based on Ohio Polymer Strategy Council’s industry guide:

Ohio Polymer Strategy Council’s Updated Opportunity Roadmap

The emphasis throughout GPIE‘s professional curriculum and optional short courses, will be the accelerated commercialization of innovation. Panel discussions about the “business” of business, will  help you to position your business to take full advantage of strategic opportunities today and tomorrow.

Since 1919, RAPRA has represented a heritage of discovery, of community, and of commitment to furthering the polymer industry. Looking to the future, we continue to listen to our members needs and structure our programs to meet their challenges.  RAPRA continues to partner with other leaders in the polymer industry: PolymerOhio, Ohio Polymer Strategy Council, theSociety of Plastics Engineers, and the British Plastics Federation to further global collaboration and innovation.